After a very short training, she was sent to her first mission in Kingsmouth. Fascinated with the Agartha, this was her first thought:

"It’s like traveling along the axis of the earth, along the roots of the eldest tree."


So Bea found the Illuminati and their welcoming party was great!


Picked up The Secret World again after finding out that I could play it on my laptop after all. Although I had a character already, I decided to make a new one for a fresh start and to see the other cities and factions.

This is Beatrise “Marsava” Gabrielevs, on her way to join the Illuminati.


Wymond, cause Kenzo was taken. Then again I wanted to give him a new name anyway. Though Jacques might have fit as well… also pajama party in the last one |D

He’s a fashion disaster.


Fun things you can do in Vindictus~

The dramatical zoom derps sometimes though xD and hngg, I really like those cosmetic changes but have to pay for them /contemplates

New design for Esfir…


New design for Esfir…


Started to play Vindictus again and that smooth combat style is still sao much fun, much faster than Tera <3 That costume looks so cute on Johanna, too bad it’s only for 30 days.


Tera OCs part II


Tera OCs part I


Tera shenanigans


And another sample, illu’s sexy Luce this time <3 He looks different every time I draw him because what is consistency?


Alright, time for more recent (f)art, hello gaiaJon! I’m addicted to Gaia Online again ahaha

So I’m thinking about opening a temp art shop but yea, idk, anyway I need more samples first.

Also this is my first time painting with mypaint and that prog is amazing <3 not perfect but it’ll suffice for now. I experimented with coloured lineart this time and ugh, still have to learn about colouring /lies down


This is Glenys Banes, an old OC I reused to become one of Alstan’s companions. LoR people probably know whose butt I’m talking about

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